Best Poker Freeroll Tournaments


All players like to try their luck with casino tournaments because it allows them to play poker for free and make real money as winnings. Most of these free roll tournaments are, as the name suggests, free to participate in and do not have any buy-in requirements. They could also carry handsome guaranteed jackpots sometimes as much as $500. Some of the freeroll tournaments could also pay out jackpots in the form of bonus credits that players can use to play other poker games at the website. Freeroll tournaments are a great way for poker websites to gain some popularity amongst players and also a good way to get some of them to sign up at the site. Playing free roll tournaments is also a great way for novice players to pick up the finer nuances of the game. Some websites may require players to make a deposit or to use accumulated loyalty points to gain entry into a freeroll tournaments. Thus, even though there might not be a technical payment of money involved, some degree of buy-in in terms of points or deposits is ensured by the website to maintain the economic feasibility of the game.

Bet24’s poker arm is currently hosting a special ‘Facebook freeroll’ tournament with a $600 guaranteed jackpot. This is being done as a unique marketing initiative to popularize the presence of the poker website on the popular social networking forum. Players need to first register for an account at the site and then join the Facebook group of Bet24. The website will send an invite to the tournament in the player’s inbox which can be used to gain entry to the much awaited free roll tournament. is also currently holding a freeroll tournament titled ‘Player Loyalty Freeroll’. The guaranteed jackpot in this freeroll tournament can extend up to a whopping $1000. The ‘Tower of Freerolls’ promotion will see more than $5000 being given away in guaranteed jackpots in all. The eligibility for participating in any of the 4 freeroll tournaments will be decided based on a player's accumulated points in the previous month.  The first of the freerolls will be the $500 tournament on the 7th of December. This is the first level of the promotion and players need to have accumulated at least 100 points in November to qualify for this game. The next level is the $1000 tournament that will be held on the 8th of December. Players need 200 points to play at this level. The lucrative $1500 freeroll will be held the next day on the 9th of December. Players require 500 points to compete at this level. The biggest freeroll tournament will be the $2000 freeroll that will be held on the 10th of December at 7 pm. Players need a serious 1000 playing points to compete in this tournament where they will square off against some of the most experienced poker players at the site.

The biggest freeroll tournament is arguably the $25,000 freeroll tournament that will be held at Party Poker as part of the ‘Gladiator’ promotion that will be underway throughout the month of November. Players need to accumulate at least 10 points on 5 days to be eligible for the first level $5000 freeroll tournament. By accumulating 10 points on 15 days, or 20 points on 10 days or 50 points for 5 days, players can gain entry into the coveted $25,000 freeroll tournament. Players who win cash in the $5000 freeroll will automatically gain entry into the $25,000 freeroll.