Read How Casual Games Give Unique Experiences than Sport Fantasy App

Read How Casual Games Give Unique Experiences than Sport Fantasy App

There has been a significant rise in casual gaming among adults. More and more people now prefer playing casual gaming apps. This is mainly because many people under 45 are well-acquainted with computers or televisions in their homes. Hence, they were more used to playing casual games in their everyday life.

As far as the younger generation is concerned, they are more used to playing games on their smartphones and are often seen playing casual games. But how do we know if casual gaming is better than sports fantasy gaming platforms such as 10Cric? Needless to say, we must first go through the features of the casual games to know why it gives us a unique experience on 10Cric and GetMega.

Features of Casual Games

Following are some of the most important features offered by casual gaming platforms.

  • Web-Based and More Appealing

Casual games usually have different features. Often you will find casual games that are web-based and are found on smartphones, personal computers, and tablets. In addition to this, a casual gaming platform targets a huge number of audiences. Compared to the hardcore games such as 10Cric, a casual game is less likely to have a good learning curve. This is mainly because most casual games will offer you only a few gaming controls that will control the majority of the game.

  • Easy Rules and Not Many Skills Required

Generally, most casual games have simpler rules, and you do not even require many skills to play them compared to games such as 10Cric. This feature makes the casual games unique, and it also offers a better experience to the players who are not much into playing the sport fantasy gaming platforms. Hence, the players require less time to play and win the game. Most hardcore games, such as 10Cric, requires more than forty hours of gameplay to reach the final level.

  • Low Cost

A casual game usually costs less than games like 10Cric. It is mainly a part of their strategy to get more and more players. They can even use any game monetisation technique, such as ad-supported free-to-play or retail distribution.

In short, the casual games are mostly about strategizing, logical thinking, and coming up with easy solutions to win the game. The more you play, the more you will be able to improve your gaming experience and abilities. So, one of the best ways casual gaming can offer you a unique experience is by helping your mind stay sharp.

What Is A Fantasy Sport?

A sports fantasy game mainly refers to the online prediction-based games in which you assemble a virtual team of real players. Real-life data is translated into fantasy points, and you earn these points for it. The more your fantasy points, the better your player performs in real life.

You have to play against other teams or players. If you want to keep winning these games, you have to enhance your gaming skills and strategies. Games like 10Cric will need you to learn the gaming tactics to improve your gaming ranks. In sports fantasy games, you have to become an expert at converting your knowledge about a particular sport like cricket, football, and basketball into managing the decisions for the fantasy teams. These actions are likely to have certain consequences too.


Those who might feel that these games are complicated will get a better experience when playing casual games. Compared to games like 10Cric, casual gamers have reported feeling connected to more people than playing sports fantasy games. Therefore, a casual game surely offers a better experience to its players than the sports fantasy apps.