Best Cricket Sites in India 🏏

Nobody wants to waste time browsing through hundreds of gambling sites until you find the one, and that could easily become the case considering how many online betting sites with cricket that continuously pop up! The thing is, not every site is the same, and it matters more than you think where you choose to bet on cricket.

The following betting sites have a good selection of sports betting and cricket, and it’s a great way to get started without risking to choose a site that won’t give you value for your money. If you want to bet on cricket, aim to do it the right way!

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In this guide, we are also going to help you learn how to pick the best cricket site in India based on your own preferences, which will hopefully save you a great deal of both time and money.

An Introduction to the Game of Cricket 🕵

The elegant game of cricket has been around for a long time, and Australia and England were the first countries to play an international game. This took place back in 1877 and looking back, it is evident that the sport has evolved significantly.

In the online gambling industry, cricket is a sport that has gained a whole new audience thanks to the accessibility, and India is one of the countries where the biggest percentage of players are choosing to bet on cricket.

While the game has changed since its start, with bigger bats and better protective equipment, the essence remains the same. You have two teams with 11 players in each, and when you bet online, you can bet on the outcome, a specific event in the game or something else.

Cricket Betting

Choosing a Cricket Site as an Indian Player 🔴

We are here to help you find the ideal gambling site to further nourish your passion for cricket, and it starts with learning what you need to look for. A flashy looking website isn’t everything, as you also need to consider security measures, bonus offers, payment methods, cricket betting selection and much more. See below what you should check before settling on a site.

Betting Selection

First of all, you want to find a site that has live cricket games to bet on, so that you can keep up with it in real-time. Also, look for information on the form curve of the player, ball-by-ball updates and features like commentary published live, stats and live scorecards. All of this will enhance your betting experience and make sure it stays engaging.

Next, verify that the casino or betting site lets you bet on the type of cricket events you are interested in, and it is always best to check this by yourself rather than to rely on reviews and word-by-mouth, as the expectations on cricket betting aren’t the same for everyone.

Licenses & Regulation

Sports betting sites need to be licensed and regulated, just like any online gambling sites out there. As an Indian player, it is very important to stay away from scams and sketchy gambling sites, and your best bet is to keep an eye out for one (or several) of the following casino licensing authorities.

Information about betting site licensing can often be found in the website footer or in the terms and conditions that should be posted on the website. Cricket betting sites take pride in their licenses, and any casino site that doesn’t provide transparent licensing info could potentially be a cause for concern.

A license means the betting site is monitored by an unbiased third-party company, to make sure all sports betting is fair and managed correctly, with odds that don’t favour the casino or the player in an unethical way. Never bet on sports at an unlicensed gambling site.

Mobile Compatibility

You can bet on cricket on your mobile device too, if you are like many other Indian players with a busy lifestyle and little time to sit down in front of a computer. The key here is to make sure the betting site offers a mobile optimised browser version, so that you can play effortlessly also on a smaller screen.

You can also look for a gambling site with a downloadable app, if you want to have your favourite betting site closer at hand. If the casino has an app then it is usually available in the Google Play Store for Android devices and in the Apple Store for those with iOS.

Customer Support

Cricket is popular all over India, and you are going to find a massive cricket community from Punjab in the far north and all the way down to Tamil Nadu, but no matter where you are located, you’ll eventually find yourself needing help or assistance. It is essential for a cricket site to have good customer service and proper support for its players.

Since most betting sites are located off-shore and in other parts of the world, Indian players benefit greatly from 24/7 customer support, as this eliminates the potential issue with the time difference. You’ll still have to adapt to the game times and when cricket is played, but it is a great relief to know you can get assistance whenever you need it.

A live chat is ideal for Indian players betting on cricket, as it is close to instant at most gambling sites, and it won’t take up too much of your time, and especially if you have an urgent matter on your hands.

Quick Guide to Betting on Cricket Online 📔

New cricket players can easily get a little overwhelmed when first signing up on a betting site, but don’t worry, as we are here to help. There are a few different things to consider before you place your bets, as nothing good tends to come out of making blind and unqualified guesses.

Have you ever heard of something known as the home advantage? This is something that tends to exist in all sports, and cricket is no exception. The home team is the team that plays in its hometown and home stadium, and if you have ever been to a cricket match, you know how supportive the audience can be.

For the other team, the immense support for the home team can become overwhelming, which could, hypothetically, affect the players’ form and performance. Playing as the home team does come with a certain advantage, and it is something worth considering when placing your bet.

The weather is inevitably going to affect a player’s ability to perform, and as a cricket betting enthusiast in India, you need to understand who benefits from what type of weather, so that you can learn how to use weather conditions to your advantage when you place your bets.

Batsmen often prefer weather that is on the dry side with high humidity, as this makes it easy for them to hit the ball while bowlers might struggle a bit more to grab it. This becomes relevant if you are betting a specific player’s performance.

Swinging is generally easier in windy conditions, and that is another thing you need to take into consideration. A good example is that pace bowlers tend to love the typical weather conditions in countries like New Zealand, England and Australia.

Look into the pitch report for further indicators of the match outcome. Is there grass, is the pitch cracked or is there some grass but not a lot? All of this can be used to calculate what you think is going to happen during the match.

Pro Tip: Batting conditions are generally considered good when the track is flat.

The ground boundaries of a cricket venue can differ, and venues in India and Australia often have significantly longer (and more challenging) boundaries than cricket venues in England and New Zealand. Whether a match ends up being high- or low-scoring depends heavily on the ground size of the cricket venue.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cricket Sites

Where to find the best cricket betting?

Most sports betting sites do have cricket as one of their sports options, and our recommendation is that you start by going through our toplist with trustworthy casinos, and use it as a base for your future search.

Is cricket popular in India?

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, and despite the country’s strict gambling rules, it is a sport that only continues to gain popularity.

Is cricket betting illegal in India?

Cricket betting is considered gambling and it is illegal in India, but players can bet on cricket online, provided the gambling site is located in another country and outside India.

Can I get a casino bonus when I bet on cricket?

Look for sports betting bonuses if you want to use your casino rewards when you bet on cricket, as most regular casino bonuses are aimed more at slots and other casino games.

Does a cricket site need to be licensed?

Yes, you should always make sure your chosen betting site is licensed by a reputable licensing authority, such as MGA, UKGC, etc, etc.

Who can bet on cricket in India?

Anyone who chooses a foreign gambling site, fulfils the signup requirements and is of legal age can usually bet on cricket in India. You also need to make sure you can make deposits and withdrawals with any of the available payment methods.

Do you need to be 18 to bet on cricket?

Yes, you need to be 18 years old to bet on cricket in India.

Are betting conditions important when betting on cricket?

Absolutely! Betting conditions like the weather, the size of the venue and more can help you determine how you should place your bets.

Different Cricket Bets to Consider ✔️

We’ve covered some of the conditions that can affect the match outcome, but now it is time to look at a few of the betting types that exist within the sport. Cricket is a lot more versatile than you might realise, and if you are used to making the same types of bets, you might be ready to branch out a little and try something new.

One of the most popular and simple bets to place is betting on the winning team in a tour. You can bet that both teams will tie by betting on an outcome known as ‘X’, or bet on the Away team (2) or the Home team (1). Betting on a winning team is easy, and it is probably why so many beginners gravitate towards this option.

For someone who wants betting options that are easy to understand, a bet on who will win a match toss is another excellent alternative. Again, you place your bet on a specific team, just like when betting on the winning team of a tour.

Here is where you really need to pay attention to betting conditions, such as the weather, the pitch and the ground size which we talked about earlier, and you bet on what team you think will win a specific cricket match.

Top batsman bets are made per tour, and you bet on which batsman will score the best during the tour of your choice. Most people choose to bet on more of a “safe choice” and on a batsman that is known to perform well, but you need to remember that many other players will bet on the same batsman and the payout might be low.

Educated guesses on the most wickets taken by a bowler can win you a great deal of cash if you place your bets right, and you can usually make a good estimate if you know a little bit about cricket while also analysing the relevant betting conditions.

First, choose whether you wish to bet on an entire tour or just a match, and then place your bets on the player you think is the most likely to hit the highest number of sixes. This can be one of the match favourites, or you can go with something a little less expected if you are feeling adventurous.

The number of runs matter, and you can bet on an individual player you think will end up with the highest (total) number of runs during a game or a tour. This offers a fun alternative to betting on, for example, the winning team.

More experienced cricket viewers might be interested in dismissal bets, where you can bet for multiple different different dismissal occurrences. Examples areRun-out, Caught, Bowled, Stumped and LBW, but there are plenty of others too.

If you have a favourite batsman you think could potentially score 50 or perhaps 100, then you can bet on it! This might require a bit more knowledge, but if you know your batsmen, then it could become lucrative when (and if) you get it right!

Cricket Betting

Can You Legally Bet on Cricket in India? 🚨

There is a lot to be said about the strict gambling rules in India, and interestingly, cricket betting is actually illegal. Luckily for those Indian players who love the sport, there are a couple of loopholes. It is true that hosting cricket betting in India is illegal, but you can legally bet on cricket as long as the betting site is located outside the county.

Most betting sites are located offshore and in other parts of the world, and there is no law or regulation that prevents Indian players from gambling on these sites, provided the casino itself allows Indian players to join.

Cricket Bonuses at Online Betting Sites 🎁

You can certainly find cricket bonuses in the online gambling industry, but as you may know, the most common bonus offers are often for slots and other casino games. The trick here is to look for betting bonuses and not casino bonuses, as these usually allow you to get a bonus when you bet on cricket.

Deposit bonuses are most likely what you’ll come across first, as these are very common and especially as part of your welcome bonus. Here, the betting site adds a percentage of your deposit to your bankroll total, but just keep in mind that betting bonuses also tend to come with wagering requirements.

Some betting sites might also offer cashback programs on the money you end up losing, so that you get some money back as compensation. Sign up for newsletters and keep an eye on the casino site to make sure you don’t miss a bonus.

Final Thoughts on Cricket Sites in India 💭

Cricket betting is already huge in India, and you won’t be the first nor the last to join the fun. The most important thing is finding a site you can trust. Do your research before creating an account (unless it’s a no account casino) at any betting casino, and make sure it is properly licensed and regulated by recognised licensing authorities.

You also need to pick a site that is based outside India so that you don’t accidentally end up gambling illegally.