Best Free Spins Bonuses in India 🇮🇳

Are you wondering which online casinos in India offering free spins are worth your while? How many free spins are they giving away and what do those niggly terms and conditions say? Well, look no further. We have done all the hard work for you and give you the full low-down on some of the best free spins bonuses in India! 

Check out these casinos for fun free spin offers:

1 Casumo Casino Read Review Deposit INR 1,000 and get INR 2,000 + INR 1 for luck To the Casino
2 Parimatch Casino Read Review 25% bonus up to INR 7,000 To the Casino
3 ComeOn Casino Read Review 100% Up to ₹90,000 To the Casino
4 LeoVegas Casino Read Review 100% match deposit bonus up to INR 80,000 To the Casino
5 Betway Casino Read Review 100% match deposit up to INR 2,500 To the Casino
6 10Cric Casino Read Review 150% up to ₹30 000 Bonus, plus a ₹500 Free Bet gift! To the Casino
7 Royal Panda Casino Read Review Up to 100,000 rupees and 10 free spins To the Casino

How Free Spins Work 🎰

If you’re anything like us, the word “free” caught your attention. But what is a free spin, exactly? Simply put, free spins are one of the many bonuses used by online casinos that allow you to spin the reels on a slot machine game. The cool thing is that you don’t have to pay for it! Right up your alley, right? 

They’re usually used as a promotional tool for newcomers where free spins are included in the welcome bonus. It’s the casino’s way of welcoming you and encouraging potential players to sign up to their site. Free spins are also used to reward players and encourage them throughout their slot gameplay. 

So free spins are not just a marketing tool it also encourages the entertainment value of a platform. After all, you came to play and play for as long as possible? 

Because of this free spins are considered one of the most preferred bonuses when it comes to online gambling. Who wouldn’t want the chance to play without betting any of your own hard-earned money? 

And if that isn’t enough to convince you – you’re able to win real money on the free spins, without using any of your own! How amazing is that?! A free spin could equal a major win!

Wagering Requirements 🔐

You’re probably thinking that this all sounds great, sign me up! What online casino game should I choose to start playing with my free spins? Or you could be thinking that this all seems too good to be true. If the latter popped into your mind, you’re halfway right. 

Casino bonuses and free spins generally have stringent terms and conditions attached. Part of these terms and conditions (and probably the most important) to be mindful of is the wagering requirements attached to using your free spins. Let’s learn more because this small detail can turn your free spins into a win or a gaming disaster.

➡️ Commitments to Fulfill Before You Can Withdraw

Wagering requirements are stipulations applied to promotions at online gambling websites. It affects how you’ll be able to accumulate, withdraw and spend your winnings. Usually, it’s necessary for players to wager (gamble your earnings) for the chance to actually win the bonus that has been applied. 

You also may need to play a certain amount of times before withdrawing any of those winnings. Because of this, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions regarding free spins. You’ll want to see how wagering requirements will affect your opportunity to win big and then to withdraw those winnings! 

➡️ Wagering Requirement Example

For example, let’s say that an online casino is offering up to a 100% bonus for up to €50. You deposit 50 euros and, congratulations! You receive your cash bonus worth €50! It seems that you have now essentially doubled your money and can now play with a staggering total of €100, but let’s think about this for a second. 

Wouldn’t most prospective players just run off with this free money? This is where the wagering agreement comes in. Let’s say that there is a 10xs wagering requirement. This means that you would have to bet 10xs the bonus, in this case, €500, before you can withdraw the bonus money and any potential winnings made from it. 

It can be done using one single bet or a series of bets. You cannot receive any funds unless you complete the requirements. The exact same principle applies when it comes to free spins. 

Here, an example is if the casino offers you 100 free spins with a wagering requirement of x30 and you manage to win a whopping €1000 then you will have to wager that winning cash amount 30 times before you’ll be able to see a cent of that money. This puts your “freebie” bonus in a bit of a different light, doesn’t it? 

➡️ Worth It?

But players shouldn’t be discouraged. If you’re mostly into online gaming for the fun of it, free spins will extend your gameplay and if you play often enough you will definitely be able to reach the wagering requirements attached to your free spins bonus. 

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t fall for too high wagering requirements. If the wagering requirement is x10 for 100 free spins, it’s well worth grabbing the opportunity. If the wagering requirement is x60, then, well, not so much. Don’t forget to gamble responsibly.

Free Spins Wagering RequirementsFree Spins Wagering Requirements

Different Kinds of Free Spins 🤗

Are all free spins created equal? Definitely not. There is a variety to choose from whether you’re a beginner or a professional in the world of online casinos. Let’s go over the most commonly known free spins bonuses:

No Deposit Free Spins

This type of bonus is usually offered to beginners and loyal players. It’s free so no need to deposit any of your own cash! It’s one of the most appealing free spin bonuses, but beware!  It may or may not come with wagering requirements so be sure to do your own research. 

Deposit Free Spins

This type of bonus requires a deposit on your behalf. You receive free spins as rewards after you deposit money into your casino account. Deposit free spins bonuses can be attached to a particular day, or a specific deposit (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.).  

Oftentimes, deposit free spins are part of a large welcome bonus to entice new players to sign up. But be wary regarding these! They often come with extremely high wagering requirements, so check before you claim. 

Wager Free Spins

How does no wagering requirements sound? Great? We thought so too! This offer essentially removes those niggly conditions that we’re always on the lookout for and that’s usually found in the fine print. Just remember that wager free spins doesn’t mean that they’re not attached to a deposit bonus of some sort. 

In other words, you’ll probably still have to make a real cash deposit into your casino account before you can claim your wager free spins. So, these free spins might come at a deposit price. Although wager free doesn’t mean entirely free, it definitely helps…a LOT. Needless to say, these types of free spins bonuses are rare to find at online casinos. So if you spot one, be sure to grab it while you can. 

No Deposit & No Wager Free Spins

This is obviously every player’s dream bonus. For all intents and purposes, the casino is literally just giving free spins away and asking for nothing in return. Naturally, these bonuses aren’t extremely generous in order for the casino to mitigate the loss. So, players will usually receive only a small number of free spins (often as low as 10 at a time). 

These bonuses are usually given to players during their gameplay as a thank you for being a loyal and valued gamer on the platform. If a new player manages to find an offer like this at a site, they should jump at the chance since, as with the wager free spins, these are quite rare. 

Promotional Free Spins

Online casinos partner with many game developers in order to bring players only the best quality gaming. Since these developers are constantly busy innovating and creating new games, they often want to test out new games on gamers to see how the game is received or simply just make players aware of the new game. In these instances, they use free spins that can only be used on that specific game as an incentive to gamers.

Free Spins No WagerFree Spins No Wager

Common Terms and Conditions 🕵

As we mentioned before, there can be a ton of disappointment regarding wagering requirements. This is mainly because there is miscommunication between the player and the terms and conditions. That is if the player reads the fine print at all. But what are some of the most common factors within the terms and conditions when it comes to free spins?


Are Free Spins Really Worth it? 🤔

So, after delving into all these wagering requirements and other restrictive terms and conditions, are free spins really worth it at the end of the day? Short answer, yes! Free spins hold a myriad of advantages for players:

✅ You Can Get Them Everywhere

Since slots are such a fan favourite amongst online gamers and the majority of games on any online casino consists of slots, having free spin bonuses is quite common. This means that players are not only likely to find these offers when they start looking, but actually find and take advantage of multiple offers on a variety of casino platforms. 

✅ Claiming Them Is Easy

Grabbing one of these free spins bonuses is super simple. Most of the time, the promo is actually applied automatically by just clicking on the claim button. Other times players may need to enter a specific promo code in order to get the free spins loaded onto their account. 

You can walk away with winnings without spending a cent

This is a reality, especially when it comes to no deposit and no wager free spins. By playing with your free spins, you’re still playing to win real money. 

✅ You Can Take a Game for a Test Drive

By taking advantage of free spins (especially promotional free spins that apply to specific new games), players get the chance to try a game out before they decide whether they want to take a gamble (pun intended). If you don’t like the game, you can always try another one. 

No commitment is required. Test driving a brand-new car before purchasing is always a good idea. The same goes for free spins. Besides, that which might happen during your “trial period” could be life-changing! 

✅ You Can Play for Longer

Using free spins can extend your gameplay. Especially if you’re working on a tight gaming budget. This is why players often get so excited about free spins that are handed out to them while they’re spinning those reels because free spins can even lead to winning more free spins and gives gamers a better chance at winning that coveted jackpot.


The most common questions about free spins

What are free spins?

Free spins are an opportunity to spin the reels on the slot machine in an online casino game without using your own money. Cool!

What are free spins wagering requirements?

Ah, it’s the tricky fine print! Just kidding. But seriously, wagering restrictions are the conditions as to when, how and how much you’re allowed to withdraw your earnings. Be sure to check the terms and conditions very closely regarding this.

What are some of the details in the free spins fine print that I should look out for?

Be sure to check each website’s terms and conditions before you agree to make a deposit to use free spins. Some things to research are each site’s maximum wins, minimum deposit amount, deposit methods accepted, game restrictions, promotional codes, expiration dates as well as incompatibility.

Are all free spins the same?

Each one is special in its own way! Some of the types of free spins include promotional, no deposit, deposit and wager-free free spins. Check out the details on each category in our article.

Is my deposit safe when using a deposit free spins bonus offer?

Well, that will depend on the casino. Always remember to check whether a casino is licensed to provide online gaming services in the first place. And always use trusted payment methods.

Can I use cryptocurrency to claim my free spins?

Good question! Although cryptocurrency is becoming more widely accepted, it depends on each individual casino’s accepted methods of payments.

Are there any deposit or withdrawal limits attached to my free spins?

Generally, there are limitations to how much you can withdraw from your free spin winnings. It’s best to check the terms and conditions on each online casino site.

Where can I find the best casinos in India with free spins?

You’re in the right place! Check out our list of casinos that have the best welcome bonuses; among those, you’ll find options with free spins!

How to Find the Best Online Casinos with Free Spins 🤑

All of this sounds great! Now, how can I find the best online casinos with free spins? One way is to research, research, research! Thankfully, our team has already compiled a list of qualities to keep an eye out for when searching for online casino sites. 

We’ve also hand-picked some of the most reputable, loyal, and most convenient online casinos where you can find some of these free spin freebies we’ve discussed in our article. We’re sure you’ll find something that you’ll like and you’ll be spinning away at those slots in no time!