What Is an Online Gambling Licence in the India Casino Industry? ❓

A license for an online casino serves as a quality seal, ensuring that the casino is legitimate. Providers who wish to be considered for an award must first pass muster with members of specialized gambling committees.

A varied set of rules may apply depending on where the online casino is located. A licence will be issued by the appropriate body once the internet service provider has shown it is worthy of one.

Possession of a gaming license ensures the following:


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An Example of a Casino Licence 🎲

The Gaming Authority will establish a dedicated webpage where players can check up information about an online casino’s license.

Varied authorities will issue licenses with different designs, but the following details can be seen on all of them:

The majority of licenses are preceded by a relevant website before showing any additional part of the webpage address. Check to be sure the URL you’re looking at is valid.

How to Get a Gambling Licence for an Online Casino in India 🤷‍♀️

In most cases, online casinos apply for what is known as a remote licence, which allows them to operate under the laws of a certain nation without having a physical headquarters there.

An operator is generally expected to have a positive cash flow position as well as solid confirmation that the systems in use, players’ personal data and games are secure.

An additional requirement is the presence of AML, or anti-money laundering, safeguards. Authorities include important issues such as customer verification and information on responsible gambling when evaluating potential online casino license providers.

The casino must pay an application fee and go through a lengthy evaluation process before being granted a license and being accepted. Background checks on owners, the internal structure of the company, complete audit of all procedures and systems in place, and unambiguous proof that all casino games are random and fair are examined in great detail.

These audits must be passed by the operator in order for their license to remain valid. If they are not, the license will be cancelled.


Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casino Licences

What is a casino license?

A gambling authority will grant a casino a license if it passes specific security and quality tests. A license grants online casinos official permission to operate legally. It also serves as a sign to players that the casino is a secure place to gamble.

How do I know which online casino license is the best one?

We endorse any online gambling license issued by a reputable, credible, and lawful Authority. 

What is the best way to tell if an online casino is legitimate?

Licenses are usually displayed at the bottom of a website’s page, however, this isn’t always the case. If you go all the way to the bottom, you should see a mention of their headquarters, as well as any gambling license they may hold, including the emblem of the relevant authorities.

In what ways can I verify the legitimacy of a gambling license?

The dedicated webpage should be forwarded if you click on the license listed on the online casino page. You’re on the correct track if the license you’re looking at shows the Authority’s logo, the provider’s details, the licensed games, and the approval status. Verify that the website address begins with the Authority’s domain name.

What is the cost of a casino license?

Prices vary widely depending on the jurisdiction, as well as the specific services and games that will require licensing.

How long is the validity of an online casino license?

This differs from state to state as well. 

Are there differences in jurisdictions?

Different jurisdictions and municipal authorities have different classifications for different types of gambling enterprises, thus different licenses and permits are required.

Is it possible to gamble legally in India if you're under 18?

You must be at least 18 years old to play at an online casino in your country of residence.

Who Needs A Gambling Licence in India? ♠️

Gambling operators are any business that engages in gambling activities, including:

Players must be certain they are participating in legal gaming because of the nature of internet gambling. Without a license, it is prohibited for a supplier to offer gambling solutions, and bettors should avoid wagering their hard-earned money on questionable websites. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on here.


Fake Casino Licence Detection Methods 🚫

It’s unfortunate, but there are still crooks out there that try to pose as legal companies by using forged online casino licenses. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

Ensure you have a casino license number by looking for it on the internet

To begin, look for the reported casino license on the website. It’s normally down near the bottom of the page, in the small print. An alphanumeric code or simply “licensed under” and the jurisdiction name will be displayed, depending on your preference.

Check to determine if the license can be accessed by clicking on the link

In general, an online casino’s reported license will include a link to the license’s actual page. Now, you have the option of either opening a new tab or going directly to the page where the license is displayed. It might be a PDF file or just a webpage. Your browser will either redirect to the correct page or display it in its entirety.

Take a look at the website address

Is the Authority’s name and link at the top of the URL? If so, what comes after it? Clearly, this is a positive sign. In order to avoid detection, forgeries must use a proxy server to connect to the Authority’s website through an intermediary.

Images and logos are obnoxious

Do the Commission’s logos have a static or grainy appearance? Then it’s most likely a sloppy copy-and-paste job.

Take note of the times

Check to see how long the license in question is still valid if the one you have seems a bit worn out. In some places, like India, it’s been extended to a decade, but in others, it’s only good for a year.

There is a mismatch in the names

A bigger umbrella name may be in charge of a smaller casino under their brand, but if you do your research, you’ll find that the online casino’s brand name has nothing to do with the one listed on the license. This does not bode well!

Performing one last double-check

Only by copying and running the license number through the Authority’s online library can you determine whether or not a casino license is genuine.

A public register of licenses and licensees should be maintained by each Authority. Simply enter the data and then compare the results to the license you’re interested in. As long as the details match, you’re good to go!

Reasons to Avoid Playing at Illegal Casinos 😣

Unlicensed casinos, as previously said, do not follow any laws or regulations, which means they operate illegally and may refuse to pay out any wins or vanish before you have a chance to file a complaint.

In addition, the anti-money laundering methods in unlicensed casinos are not verified, so you could unwittingly enable fraudulent behaviour.

Verifying customers and protecting vulnerable gamers through Responsible Gaming are also key topics that any casino should handle. Additionally, Players can be exploited without any regard for their well-being by an operator who does not have a license.

In an unlicensed casino, the games may be rigged, giving the house an unfair advantage at every step. Nobody wants to be deceived! Any online casino without a valid license should be avoided.

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