Best Pay N Pay Online Casino Sites in India 🏁

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2 Fun88 Read Review 300% match deposit bonus To the Casino
3 22Bet Read Review 1st deposit 100% up to ₹10,000 To the Casino
4 ComeOn Casino Read Review 100% Up to ₹90,000 To the Casino
5 10Cric Casino Read Review 150% up to ₹30 000 Bonus, plus a ₹500 Free Bet gift! To the Casino
6 Parimatch Casino Read Review 25% bonus up to INR 7,000 To the Casino
7 Betway Casino Read Review 100% match deposit up to INR 2,500 To the Casino
8 Melbet Read Review 100% Cash Matching Bonus To the Casino
9 LeoVegas Casino Read Review 100% match deposit bonus up to INR 80,000 To the Casino
10 MrPlay Casino Read Review 100% match up bonus between €20 and €200 with 20 free spins To the Casino
11 Royal Panda Casino Read Review Up to 100,000 rupees and 10 free spins To the Casino
12 Casumo Casino Read Review Deposit INR 1,000 and get INR 2,000 + INR 1 for luck To the Casino
13 Jonny Jackpot Read Review The welcome bonus will double your 1st deposit up to ₹1 000 To the Casino
14 Bollybet Read Review The welcome bonus will match your 1st deposit up to ₹50,000 To the Casino

How Does Pay N Play Casinos Work? 🤔

Pay N Play casinos are believed to be the future of online gambling, as they offer a much more time efficient and practical way to play games online. You can forget all about wasting time creating casino accounts, going through lengthy verification processes and having to wait to have your account fully approved, and you can also stop worrying about forgetting your password or username when using a Pay N Play casing.

How these work might seem strange at first if this is the first time you hear about them, but they are essentially casinos where you don’t need to register for an account in order to play and win money. Casinos like these are also known as no account casinos or no registration casinos, and the name(s) accurately reflect the concept.

To play, all you need is a BankID and Trustly, which isn’t currently available in India, but some Pay N Play casinos also allow cryptocurrency payments. While Trustly is not yet an available payment method in the country, this article might still interest you since it is predicted to soon become available in more parts of the world, and for now, you have the option to use Crypto casinos with Pay N Play as an Indian player.

Instead of registering for an account, your identity is verified with the help of your Bank identification, which is also known as a BankID. When accessing a Pay N Play site, even if it’s your first time visiting, you simply click on the Login button and follow the steps. The process can be compared to logging into your internet bank, and then you are ready to make your first deposit and start playing.

These types of gambling sites are very cleverly constructed, and will recognize you the next time you sign in to play. Instead of tying your money, winnings and preferences to your bank account, these become tied to your BankID. As long as you verify your identity with the same BankID the next time you wish to play, you’ll be able to pick up right where you started with any leftover credit or winnings still available.

Instant Casino Withdrawals with Pay N Play 💸

One of the biggest attractions when it comes to Pay N Play casinos is how fast you can get your money when you are ready to cash out. At regular casino sites, it can take days and even weeks for you to receive a payout depending on the casino’s processing times and the payment method you choose, but at Pay N Play casinos, payouts are instant.

The reason payments are instant is because you can only use Trustly or Crypto currency at Pay N Play casinos, as these two are currently the only payment services that facilitate and permit instant withdrawals. When using Trustly, you will have your money in your bank account within a matter of seconds, and that’s something that is new, exciting and previously unheard of when gambling online.

Cryptocurrency works the same, only your money ends up in your crypto wallet rather than in your traditional bank account. Nobody wants to have to wait forever for their cash to be released, and this is one of the main reasons why Pay N Play casinos are predicted to become even more popular as time goes on, which would further open up the virtual doors to Indian players.

Trustly is currently only available in a few countries in Europe as well as in Australia and Canada, but should hopefully become available in India within the foreseeable future. How it works is that it steps in to facilitate regular bank transfers, by providing an extra layer of security while also speeding up the process to make payments faster.

When you make a withdrawal, Trustly pays you directly so that you never have to wait for the casino or your bank to process the payment, and you’ll get a deposit from Trustly instead of one directly from the online gambling platform. Your bank statement will show Trustly rather than the casino when you make deposits and withdrawals.

Trustly can be used with your BankID just like when you sign into a Pay N Play casino or when you make regular bank transfers. An additional benefit is that Trustly doesn’t charge any fees when transferring money to and from casino accounts.

The other type of Pay N Play casinos are crypto casinos, where instead of Trustly, you use cryptocurrency to make your transactions. Crypto tokens are becoming increasingly popular among online gamblers, and one of the reasons is the anonymity it offers, along with low fees and instant payments. All this corresponds well with the Pay N Play casino concept, and this is a payment method that is currently available also in India. Cryptocurrency is available worldwide since it isn’t tied to any (national or international) bank.

Crypto Pay N Play casinos aren’t ideal for beginners or those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, as these currencies work and behave completely differently than the classic currencies most of us are used to. Cryptocurrency is volatile and its value fluctuates much more than regular currency, which could work both in the favour of the player and against you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Pay N Play Casinos

Is a Pay N Play casino the same as a no account casino?

The two terms are often used interchangeably, and refer to a casino where you make a deposit and start playing right away, without having to create an account, upload documents and wait for it to be verified.

Are Pay N Play casinos available in India?

Yes, Indian players can gamble at offshore Pay N Play casinos and sites run from abroad. Due to the strict gambling laws of India, there are currently no Pay N Play casinos based in India, but this might change in the future.

Are Pay N Play casinos legal in India?

All Pay N Play casinos currently available on the market are located outside India, which means the Indian gamble laws and restrictions do not apply. As a result, you can gamble legally at Pay N Play casinos. If you are unsure, just verify that the site is located offshore and you are good to go!

Do you need an account to gamble at a Pay N Play casino?

No, you do not need an account. The concept of a Pay N Play casino is to offer gamblers the opportunity to start playing right away, without having to create a casino account. Instead, you verify your identity with your BankID.

What payment methods can you use at a Pay N Play casino?

Most (if not all) Pay N Play casinos use Trustly or cryptocurrency as their offered payment methods, and this is because both are compatible with the Pay N Play concept, where they allow instant withdrawals, for example.

Can you register an account at a Pay N Play site if you want?

Some Pay N Play sites may offer a hybrid concept, where you can register just like you would at any other casino site, or use the Pay N Play registration free option. These types of casinos may offer additional payment methods and other features, but you will only be able to enjoy the benefits of Pay N Play if you have a BankID.

Can you use a Pay N Play site without Trustly?

There are a few Pay N Play casino sites that also allow their users to make deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency. Crypto casinos work just like Trustly-based Pay N Play sites, and could be a good alternative for Indian players.

Can you pay with cryptocurrency at a Pay N Play casino?

Cryptocurrency is available as a payment method at some Pay N Play casinos, but far from every site offers it. If you are interested in gambling at a crypto Pay N Play casino, make sure you do your research.

Low or Possibly No Fees at Pay N Play Casinos 🔴

Fees at regular casino sites and with other payment methods can seem low and innocent, but the issue is that they tend to build up quickly! If you gamble frequently and make frequent withdrawals, then those seemingly “low” percentages will soon start to consume a significant portion of your winnings.

At Pay N Play casinos, this tends to be much less of an issue as fees and additional charges are much lower. It may depend on the type of no account casino that you’re dealing with, but in most cases, you can count on paying less in fees when you choose Pay N Play.

The main reason is the two available payment methods. The concept of Pay N Play is quick payouts, and there are currently only two services that can offer this. Trustly charges no fees, and crypto casinos also aren’t likely to charge anything too significant. Additional fees other than those related to the chosen payment method may apply, but it isn’t the norm.

Pay N Play Casinos GamesPay N Play Casinos Games


Getting a Casino Bonus at a Pay N Play Site 🎁

Are you worried you’ll be left without bonuses when using a Pay N Play site rather than a regular online casino? Don’t sweat it! When no account casinos first hit the market, few (if any) offered bonuses, as the sites still hadn’t figured out how to offer a bonus when the player didn’t have an account, but this has since been fixed!

Today’s Pay N Play casinos offer the same bonus opportunities as any other gambling site in India, and you’ll be able to find welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses for returning players, VIP clubs, cashback programs, referral bonuses and much more, just like you might be used to if you’ve gambled elsewhere in the past.

Safety When Playing at a Pay N Play Casino 🔐

It is perfectly normal to feel a little hesitant to new concepts, and especially when one is so different from the type of casino play we are used to. Can you really trust a gambling site when you don’t need an account? It is a valid question, but luckily, the answer is yes. Licensed Pay N Play casinos are often safer than regular gambling sites, mainly because you need your BankID to log in.

➡️ Secure Login with BankID

At a regular site, someone might manage to access your account if you accidentally leave your casino login information somewhere public or if someone manages to guess your password, but that can’t happen with a Pay N Play casino. You need your specific BankID which only you have access to.

➡️ Top Secure Payment Methods

Another thing that contributes to the improved safety of Pay N Play casinos is your payment method. Both Trustly and Crypto, which are currently the payment methods used for these types of casinos, are considered some of the most secure payment types in the world, and you can rest assured your casino transactions are safe.

➡️ Casino Licensing at Pay N Play Casinos

Pay N Play casinos need a licence just like any other gambling site on the internet, and this is something you should always look for as a player. A gambling licence proves that a site is regulated by a third-party authority, to ensure fair games and that the site lives up to its promises. Pay N Play casinos receive their licences form the same gambling authorities that you’re used to seeing at “regular” casino sites.

Here are a few authorities that licence Pay N Play casinos:

Keep in mind that none of these gaming authorities are located in India, and that you won’t find online casinos with an Indian licence due to the legal status of online gambling in the country. Any of the above mentioned licensing authorities are a sign of a trustworthy Pay N Play casino.

Pure Pay N Play Concepts vs. Hybrid Casinos ❓

One thing that cannot be forgotten is that while most Pay N Play casinos have strictly no registration, there are also a few that might offer the two options. At hybrid sites, you can choose whether you want to register for an account and gain access to more payment methods, for example, but unless you choose one of the Pay N Play payment methods, you won’t get the benefit of instant payouts.

The hybrid model is possibly the one that is going to stick in the future, as it allows gambling sites to combine a more classic concept with formal registration, with a newer and more modern approach where gamblers can play when they verify their identity with a BankID. It provides the best of both worlds, and it’s a type of casino you might want to keep an eye on.

If you can and want to play at a Pay N Play casino with no interest in creating an account, then you might as well look for a site that has chosen this approach only. Indian players located in countries where Trustly is available might be able to make use of this option even before the payment service reaches India.

Is One Better Than the Other?

It is close to impossible to determine whether you should stick with a casino that offers nothing but Pay N Play or go with a hybrid site, as it depends entirely on what you prefer and what possibilities you have to skip the registration process. The best thing you can do is to base your decision on your own gambling preferences.

Pay N Play casinos aren’t for everyone, and that is true for all types of casinos. Some love a simpler and more straight-forward concept without registration requirements and the need to verify yourself with uploads and more, while others may be more drawn to the traditional online casino model.

How About the Pros and Cons of Pay N Play Casinos? 🚨

We want to be as real and honest as possible with you, and that is why we have chosen to list some of the most prominent benefits that come with using a Pay N Play casino, as well as the downsides. Looking at these types of sites objectively will help you make a decision that works for you when it comes to deciding where to play.

No registration needed Instant casino payouts Excellent bonus opportunities Secure Gambling Low to no casino fees
Trustly is unavailable in India Limited casino options Potentially smaller game selection

No matter how you twist and turn it, the biggest issue for Indian players is that most Pay N Play casinos use Trustly, which is not an available payment method in the country. This can make it difficult to find a Pay N Play casino that accommodates Indian players, but other than that (which is something that’ll hopefully change), Pay N Play casinos are mostly associated with advantages such as instant payouts.

Pay N Play Casinos MobilePay N Play Casinos Mobile


Gamble Legally at Pay N Play Casinos in India 👮

The gambling laws of India are complex to put it lightly, and gambling remains illegal in many parts of the country today. Luckily, the strict gambling regulations do not apply to online casinos located offshore, and as long as you are opting to gamble at sites operating abroad, you have no legal concerns. This is true also for Pay N Play casinos.

Please note that when we refer to “casinos in India” in this article, we are referring to online casinos available in India, and not casinos physically located in the country.

Last Words on Pay N Play Casinos in India ✔️

Pay N Play casinos still have a long way to go before becoming as popular in India as they are in many other parts of the world, but this is mostly due to Trustly being unavailable in the country at this point. Until that changes, it will be tricky for these types of gambling sites to reach their full potential in India, even though crypto casinos are available.

As an Indian player, you could still benefit from keeping an eye on the developments in this casino niche, as no account casinos are fun, fast and in many ways revolutionary for the casino industry. There is no longer a need to go through the process of creating a casino account, and you don’t have to worry about uploading copies of personal (and often important) documents. Instead, you can start playing right away.

We are seeing such rapid evolution within the casino industry today that it’s only a question of time before Indian players can fully enjoy the perks of Pay N Play casinos, and it is not hard to see why experts predict this casino type to take over more and more in the future. People have less time to play and less patience for lengthy registration processes and payout times, and Pay N Play casinos resolve all these issues with their clever concept.